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Securing positive Google reviews is key to elevating both your credibility and Google search ranking. We’ve streamlined this process: customers can now leave a review effortlessly with just a tap on an NFC tag or a quick scan of a QR code, leading them directly to the review page.

Google review landing page for approved commercial sales
NFC tag google review card

Over 12,500+ Reviews Collected for Businesses

Google Ranking

These NFC cards significantly boost a business’s ranking in search results by signalling to Google that the business is reliable and valuable to users. This increased visibility is crucial for attracting potential customers who are searching for relevant services or products, thus impacting the business’s performance in a competitive market.

Engange Customers

NFC Google Tap to Review cards offer a streamlined and innovative way for businesses to gather customer reviews on Google. By allowing customers to simply tap their NFC-enabled devices against these cards, the process of leaving feedback is made effortlessly quick. This ease of use not only simplifies the review process but also encourages more frequent customer interactions, leading to a higher volume of positive reviews.

Enhance Trust & Credibility

Moreover, the accumulation of positive feedback via these NFC cards can greatly enhance a business’s reputation. Potential customers tend to place a high level of trust in businesses that receive real, positive feedback from others. This trust is pivotal in influencing their decision-making, making them more likely to choose a business with a wealth of affirmative reviews over its less-reviewed or negatively reviewed competitors.

Customised Design

We create customised landing pages to which customers are directed. These pages can be tailored to reflect your brand’s colours and logo, creating a cohesive and professional appearance that aligns with your company’s branding strategy. Including a personal message on the landing page further personalises the experience, making customers feel valued and directly engaged with your business.

This customisation not only strengthens brand recognition but also enhances the user experience. A familiar and welcoming landing page increases the likelihood that customers will complete their reviews, positively impacting your online presence and credibility.

By integrating your brand’s visual identity and a personalised message, you encourage a stronger connection between your business and its customers, fostering loyalty and trust.

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See What Our Customers Have To Say

Every job we have we make sure our electricians have one of these with them, It has helped us out massively with getting more jobs and a better online look. 

LNE Electrical

This has sky rocketed our reviews, we have them out on the table and its worked great, we have reached over 150+ reviews already.

Smoke & Co

We Have Gained a lot of reviews with this QR Code scanner, its Honestly worked out way better then could imagine, would defiantly recommend. 

Approved Commercial Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The NFC Tag Work?


NFC tags use radio waves to communicate with Mobile Phones. The device powers the tag, enabling it to send stored data instantly. NFC tags don’t need their own power source, making them convenient for gaining reviews.

Where Does The QR Code / NFC Lead To.


Once scanned or tapped the NFC it will take you to a redirect page where you’ll confirm or deny whether you have a google account, if yes will take you straight to the review page, If click no will take you to the page on how to make a google account. 

What Customisations Are There?


You will have your own colour background on the page, as well as your logo, and custom text on the page.